ferment pittsburgh



As I scurry around my daily food project caretaking duties and explorations of natural food-making and earth-based culture meanderings, I paused for a moment to think about how this Ferment Pittsburgh thing is meant to be a resource for my community, and how so much of what I’m doing is in secret. I’m not one to really enjoy most of these internet-based communication methods, I’ve decided to make an attempt at sharing my daily routines and projects on here (I guess that’s a blog?) as much as I can remember at least, in case someone might benefit.

So a taste of today, 

Batch of kvass: chopped up leftover naturally leavened bagels, covered with water, added a good glop of ripe and ready sourdough starter, honey to taste, and covered with a towel fastened by string. The 10 gallon bowl was moved outside in the autumn cool air and hot sun to bubble away. I will taste this evening and adjust the flavor.

Koji Rice: After soaking a couple pounds of everyday- run of the mill rice overnight, I gave it a good rinse and steamed it in batches. This rice I’m preparing for koji for a workshop this weekend. After the rice steams to al dente I’ll let it cool to around 100, add starter culture and incubate in a cooler with Mason jars of hot water and towels, checking every 12 hours or so. Unfortunately i haven’t had a chance to pick up my brother’s Excalibur dehydrator as it makes things way too easy.

Planting of Winter Wheat: My drying beans, two beds that hold malfax and Calypso, have set in a good amount of yellowing leaves so I’m planting my Banathka wheat i got from Eli Rogosa at growseed.org. I’m excited to have found her project as I was specifically looking for ancient graibs heralding from the Carpathian region, as I have ancestory there.

Strawoboshi: The overbearing strawberries are either falling off while still white or if they do turn red are being devoured by the slugs. So I’ve been picking them unripe. I salted a batch yesterday to prepare as umeboshi plums. Juat salt and a weight on top. I checked them today and everything looks good.