Fermentation workshops and demos traveling by wagon.


Ferment Pittsburgh is a project created to influence the growth of fermentation culture in our area. We offer classes, put on the annual Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival, and sell various ferments on a small scale. Please contact us with any questions regarding fermentation and culturing, whether you need advice or are looking for some starters.

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Wild-Cultured Cheesemaking At Home!

Learn how easy it is to make amazing cheese.
This workshop will cover:

  • Detailed information about dairy farming, both small and large.
  • Processing of milk and description of various milk products.
  • Wild-culturing a basic rennet cheese. This process is the foundation of a majority of cheese varieties- brie, cheddar, gouda.
  • Making excellent butter (from milk) and ricotta.
Sunday July 9th from 1pm- 3
At Wigle Whiskey
2401 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Repair the World Wednesday 1/25 6pm- 8pm