Sunday February 26 2017   11am- 6pm
Event is FREE!
at Spirit Hall (242 51st St Pittsburgh Pa 15201)

and… Ferment Fest Variety Show and Potluck

Saturday February 25th  8pm-10pm Doors: 7:30
Sliding scale $5- $15, or Free with shared dish.
at The Glitter Box Theater (460 Melwood Ave Pittsburgh, Pa)

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Festival is open to interested vendors, workshop instructors, and performers from the community. Anyone with ideas, projects, wisdom is encouraged to join in. Anyone interested in performing/ sharing ANYTHING fermentation related for Saturday’s variety show, please email fermentpittsburgh@gmail.com

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Ferment Pittsburgh is a project created to influence the growth of fermentation culture in our area. We offer classes, put on the annual Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival, and sell various ferments on a small scale. Please contact us with any questions regarding fermentation and culturing, whether you need advice or are looking for some starters.

Next event,

Repair the World Wednesday 1/25 6pm- 8pm


Find us at

Bloomfield Farmer’s Market
Saturdays 9am- 1pm Liberty Ave and Gross Street

Projects/ Inventory

This is a comprehensive list to track the history of items produced and does not reflect the current inventory.

  • Black Garlic- Butter Hill Farm garlic (Allison Park, 10 miles from Pittsburgh). Held at 130 degrees for 40 days.
  • Salt Pickled Peach Blossoms- young blossoms, pickled in plum vinegar and dried for tea.
  • Salt Pickled Violets- pickled in plum vinegar and dried for tea.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- apples collected in State College. Raw, unfiltered, nothing but apples.
  • Plum Vinegar- fruit collected in Lawrenceville. Raw, unfiltered.
  • Serviceberry Olives- salt-pickled green serviceberries.
  • Fermented Hinklehatz Flakes- crushed and fermented hinklekatz peppers, then strained and dehydrated. Hinklehatz are a Pa Dutch favorite to add to your sauerkraut.
  • Spruce Sauerkraut- mid-spring spruce tips add a lemony, coniferous taste to fermented cabbage.
  • Winter Solstice Miso- prepared annually on the solstice. Soybean and barley sweet miso.
  • Fermented Apple Spice- strained mash from apple cider vinegar, dehydrated slowly, and ground to a powder.
  • Milkweed capers- salt-brine fermented milkweed buds.
  • Green Peach Olives- under-ripe peaches, salt-brined.
  • Fermented Young Whole Black Walnuts
  • Cultured Yogurt- grass-fed milk from Pasture Maid Creamery
  • Cultured Butter- salted, Brunton’s Dairy cream, innoculated with kefir culture.
  • Maple Sap Vinegar- sap collected from trees in Pittsburgh, allowed to ferment, age, and condense naturally to a strong acidity.
  • Natural wine – wild yeasted wine, with no sugar or anything else added. Current flavors- peach, concord grape, persimmon.
  • Sweet corn and Mugwort beer
  • Koji coffee/ Coffee amazake

En route Projects

  • Fish sauce/ mushroom “fish” sauce
  • Kefir soap
  • fermented acorn flour