Wild Fermented Berry Country Soda


Berry season comes rushing in with the flood of vigorous heat and daylight, and who doesn’t love a refreshing bubbly water during a hot day in the sun. This technique is great for blemished, damaged, or overripe strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or fruit and berry of any kind. The process came by accident on a bike touring trip where I stumbled across a sprawling wild berry patch. I picked a bunch into a mason jar for eating later but it macerated and fermented as I rode that day in the early July sun. The recipe has been refined since then but still doesn’t beat the original that was cooled overnight by being submerged in the Potomac River.


Pack ripe, crushed berries into a mason jar maybe about 1/3 of the way. Top with water and tightly secure a screw lid. Leave the container out in the hot sun or counter for a day or two. Keep an eye out for a heavily bulging lid- that’s the sign we’re ready.

Place the jar in the fridge to chill. (Tip: liquid absorbs carbonation better at colder temperatures, you can even roll the jar occasionally to distribute the Co2.)

Enjoy your naturally carbonated, naturally sweetened chunky sparkling beverage. You can strain the chunks to plop on ice cream if the day warrants it.